5 Ways To Learn To Increase The Pressure Of Corrugated Color Boxes

Nowadays, the most typical packaging companies produce color boxes , using two processes: one is to print color paper and then laminating or glazing, and then manually laminating or mechanically automatically laminating corrugated forming; second, The color graphics and text are printed on the plastic film and then covered on white cardboard, and then laminated and formed. Choose any kind of craft color box color box, use its comprehensive packaging materials and daily watermarked cartons (cardboard line production), and guarantee the quality when the customer urgently needs it or on rainy days. This problem is deeply rooted in the producer, so how Solve it?

Everyone knows that: the cardboard line produces cartons by gluing, box heating, and baking. The laminated cartons are not heated and baked. The paper in the gummed paper enters the paper, and the color barrier varnish and plastic film are added. , The self-destruction in a box of blanks is naturally weak.

Therefore, look for a solution to the problem from the following factors:

1. Paper matching Some companies have such a misunderstanding: the pressure and strength of the carton used inside can increase the pressure and strength of the carton, which is actually possible. Yes, as long as the corrugated paper is not visible after the surface paper is glued, low-gram paper should be used; the core paper and corrugated paper are best to use straw pulp or wood pulp paper with good stiffness and high ring compressive strength. Medium-strength or normal-strength tile paper is not used. It is mostly a mixture of raw pulp and recycled pulp. It has fast water absorption, low ring strength, and good but low stiffness. Practice has proved that reducing the low weight of paper and increasing the weight of corrugated paper and paper is a competitive advantage in terms of quality and price.

2. the quality of glue Carton production now uses large homemade or purchased corn starch glue. The high-quality corn gum has great strength, and can also increase the pressure of the cardboard, and the box body is not easy to deform. The advantages and disadvantages of corn starch glue are related to the process, environment, quality of raw and auxiliary materials, mixing time and so on. In addition, environmentally-friendly glue, namely PVA material, is used when decorating and decals.

3. the amount of glue Whether the picture is mounted on the colored surface manually or automatically, the amount of glue applied should be too large. In order to avoid degumming artificially increasing the amount of glue, this is not desirable and must be strictly controlled. The amount of glue applied is preferably 80~110g/m2. However, it should be adjusted according to the size of the tile and the amount of glue that is easy to congeal. As long as it is not degummed, the less the amount of glue is.

4.the quality of single-sided cardboard The quality of single-sided corrugated paper is determined by the quality of the base paper, the type of corrugation, the working environment of the corrugator, the quality of the paper, the speed of the machine, and the technical level of the operator. The children check that the corrugated rollers of the single-facer are wrinkled seriously. In addition, if the pressure surface is too large, the temperature of the corrugator will easily cause the corrugation of the single paper board to break. Ensure compressive strength.

5. production environment The temperature of the production environment cannot exceed 33掳C, and the air drop is more than 45%. The cardboard is very easy to absorb moisture and is carried with you, which naturally reduces the load bearing pressure of the carton. After 4 hours. It is true that customers need to support mandatory support to support the production of cardboard as soon as possible and eliminate unnecessary possibilities. If you want to improve the ability of the box, you must consider all aspects and work hard to reduce all kinds of unfavorable factors. Otherwise, all other efforts will be in vain.

Post time: Sep-17-2021