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A Systematic Introduction To The Production Of Product Packaging Cartons

The packaging is indeed very complicated and the process is cumbersome, but if we analyze it in detail, it is also very clear. First of all, we must take out a design sample from the packaging design company and design it for export, usually a cdr or ai file. After making the design documents, we have to observe and check their color tones and the size of the packaging box. After understanding these specific design content and parameters, we will make preparations. It generally includes the preparation of cardboard, the preparation of paper stickers, the preparation of other materials such as glue and the start-up of the machine. When everything is ready, we have to start the printing work. Printing is the key and difficult point. Printing and printing simply print the color on the box and then simply adjust the color of the color, and prepare for the further processing after printing and the process of packaging the carton. For example, the successful packaging production such as hot stamping on the packaging and silver box hot stamping. The packaging carton shows a sense of beauty, three-dimensionality, and layering. Easier to be accepted by consumers. In addition to the process of hot stamping, hot silver, etc., you can also customize some special printing such as engraving, wedding, and perfection. Coupled with this elegant and exquisite craftsmanship, the final craft is grinding and cutting, binding and other work into boxes.

After playing with the packaging, it is equivalent to a prototype for your product, whether it can meet their needs, whether you should consider the feelings of the designers, if everything is normal, then you can further think about the small production and the production of supply and demand.

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