Advantage of Paper tube and Development

Paper tube or paper can is a kind new born packaging solution, gradually known by the people and recognized by the majority of customers. Nowadays, the paper can packaging is closely related to the people’s life and has become a independent part of daily life. Why is the paper can packaging favored by more and more people? The following is detailed introduction of the advantage and development prospects of paper can packaging.

The paper can packaging is mainly made of paper, which is safe and hygienic, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle; the paper can packaging has excellent protection performance, good moisture-proof, waterproof effect, and certain heat insulation effect.Paper can packaging has a good application prospect, which can replace plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and other packaging containers. The paper can packaging is safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging.

Paper can packaging is developed in recent years. At present, paper can packaging is widely used. It can not only hold solid food, such as potato chips, biscuits, dried fruits, tea, coffee, milk powder, rice flour, sugar, etc., but also hold some liquid food, such as milk, drinks, drinks, etc., which can be seen in daily life, and are sold in supermarkets. It is safe and environmentally friendly to use.

Paper can packaging takes paper as the main raw material, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than other materials in material selection. Paper can packaging is not only conducive to people’s health, but also conducive to environmental protection, reducing the damage to the environment, helping society to create a green ecological environment.

Post time: Jan-19-2021