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How To Preserve Chocolate In Summer?

How to keep chocolate in top condition?
Chocolate is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Its extraordinary flavor is a reason why people of all ages love it. However, chocolate is a delicate food that is easily affected by environmental conditions. Knowing how to preserve chocolate so that it does not spoil, we will avoid more unpleasantness and enjoy it with joy.

Is the refrigerator a good place to store chocolate?
Many people store chocolate in the refrigerator, especially in the summer, and this is a mistake. In order to keep the chocolate in perfect condition without changing its taste, you have to look for a place that is both fresh and dry, as moist conditions can affect its characteristics. If we put a bar of chocolate in the refrigerator, we will find that the cold has spoiled its taste. In addition, you may be affected by other foods that are usually stored in the refrigerator, such as cheese, sausage or fish. Chocolate is hygroscopic, that is, it has the property of absorbing all odors around it, so the refrigerator is not the best place to keep it.

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The best way to preserve chocolate is to keep it in a cool, dry place that doesn’t have a strong smell. A pantry is usually a great place to do this as it is usually used to store food away from sunlight and maintains a fairly constant temperature throughout the year with no constant source of heat or cold. Experts say the ideal place is to keep the chocolate no more than 60% away from sunlight, moisture and temperature 15°C to 18°C.

We know that pantry is the best place to store chocolate, we also have to consider the most suitable recipe for storing chocolate. Depending on how we store chocolate, we can keep it from melting in the summer, as the climate warms up. This is also the time to prevent the thin white coating that the chocolate takes on. This process is called “outcropping,” “blooming,” or “fat blooming,” and it doesn’t mean the chocolate has gone bad. It simply responds to the temperature changes it experiences. The fat in cocoa butter itself becomes liquid when heated, then migrates to the surface where it crystallizes when cold, thus forming this layer, which is harmless to the body but uncomfortable to watch.

The easiest ways to preserve chocolate at home are:
1. Wrap it in paper. This way we protect the chocolate from excess moisture. Although it is inconvenient to keep it in the refrigerator, if we finally decide to put it in the refrigerator, we should not forget to pack the chocolate so that it does not lose its delicate taste and retains its texture as much as possible.
2. Use airtight bags. We can put it in a sealed bag to prevent it from being damaged or having bad smell. Freezer bags with closure closures are perfect.
3. Put it in a glass bottle. For storing chocolate, glass jars with lids are also suitable. This way we will prevent it from picking up the smell of other nearby foods and isolate it so it retains the characteristic sound we get when we cut chocolate.
4. In a metal can and aluminum foil. In the summer, the most efficient way to store chocolate is to wrap it in aluminum foil and store it in a metal container with a lid. We’re going to keep it in the coolest, driest part of the house so we can keep it from melting in the heat. Plus, it retains all its flavor and crunchy character. This method is the most commonly used as it is a very simple and economical remedy.

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Of all the chocolate types in existence, white chocolate is the most affected by heat. Therefore we must preserve it well so that it does not melt, develop an odor and lose its character and delicate taste. Many households choose not to buy white chocolate during the hottest months, only to resume consumption after summer when conditions are more suitable for preservation. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is the easiest type of chocolate to keep at home because it’s the most heat-resistant and made with less milk. In order to be able to enjoy chocolate, we must preserve it in the best conditions. There’s nothing better than crunchy chocolate, with its delicious taste and unique texture, the blissful feeling it brings when it melts in your mouth.

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