Mainstream value added technology of wooden box

1. Leather coating

With the continuous increase of wood consumption, the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. Accelerating the development of wood saving and substitution is of great significance to meet the market demand, resist excessive forest cutting, maintain ecological balance, promote the sustainable use of forest resources, and maintain the international image of China’s active protection of the natural environment.

Leather coating technology is widely used in packaging boxes, it will continue to capture a variety of elements in line with the development of the times, with scientific product structure, innovative products to win the support and trust of the majority of consumers.

2. Paper Coating

Paper coating technology is the most commonly used surface finishing technology for wooden boxes. It can be divided into machine stickers and manual stickers according to processing methods. Wood grain paper is a new decorative material, which is made of high molecular polymer (PVC) as raw material and various additives by pressing, compounding and wood grain printing.

It is characterized by lifelike wood grain, which can completely imitate the wood grain of natural plants to achieve the effect of “confusing the real with the fake”. Its fine surface effect attracts the attention of consumers. Its appearance has found a very promising direction for the development of the wooden box, and greatly improved the added value of the paper coated wooden box, and brought considerable value-added profits for the enterprise.

3. Piano paint

Piano paint process is a kind of baking paint process. Compared with ordinary high gloss spray paint, piano paint has two essential differences: first, piano paint has a very thick primer layer and exquisite finish. The surface layer is crystal clear and penetrating. Second: the surface of piano paint is brittle, so we should protect it carefully. Because of this difference, the brightness, compactness, especially stability of piano paint are much higher than those of traditional piano paint

The effect of other paints. After decades, the surface of piano paint is still as bright as new, while the ordinary brightness spray paint has been oxidized and penetrated. In addition, the piano baking process products must be dried for a long time in the production process, and the hardness of the finished products can be comparable to that of artificial marble; at the same time, because of the construction process of drying and physical treatment, the formaldehyde or harmful substances to human body contained in the wood box board and coating have been completely volatilized, so the piano baking wood box is more environmentally friendly.

Post time: Jan-19-2021