Paper Tube

Characteristic of paper tube:

Paper tube or called cylinder paper box is a kind of packaging which raw material is paper/cardboard. The advantage is recyclable, well protective, water proof as well as heat proof.

The shape of paper tube always in round shape and some in oval, mostly are used for tea packaging, food packaging, dropper bottle packaging as well as wine packaging.

You can have printed sticker on the paper tube or directly printed paper coated on the paper tube to have colorful custom design tube packaging. It is a alternative packaging solution for glass packaging.

Development of Paper tube

Paper tube is a new packaging solution and a new industry, it is still on the initial step. However the widely usage of the paper tube will make the industry and production technologies grows very fast. Compared with china, glass packaging, the paper tube has  lower cost, and featured nontoxic, scentless and pollution free. Paper tube is a eco friendly product.

Production for paper tube

Normally, the paper tube is made of kraft paper, C1S and art paper. Firstly will have film coated on the raw paper to make it water proof, oil resistant and heat resistant. Then the paper will be rolled into tubes. Custom design shall be printed on the outer coated paper firstly, then it will be coated onto tubes. Finally, the tubes will be cut into custom sizes and rolled the edges.

Post time: Jan-19-2021