ReYoung Packaging knowledge:What makes a good coffee packaging

1.Functional coffee packaging

The best coffee packaging is not only visually attractive, but also functional.

Good packaging can protect your coffee, whether it is ground, flavored, or coffee beans. When you choose the packaging material and style, you should use the safety of the product during transportation and storage as a reference.

Whether you choose the most advanced materials or traditional materials, good packaging can keep your coffee fresh and protected from the moment the product is born.

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2. Packaging enhances your brand

The design and details of the packaging can enhance your brand and your coffee.

When designing the packaging, you can choose to place the brand in the front and center of the design, or you can choose a more subtle position. Highlight the most interesting parts of your company on your packaging, such as where the beans are harvested, any environmental protection measures of your brand, and unique flavors.

Use your packaging to promote the value and story of your brand-customers will be attracted to your product, they will recognize your brand, and will be more inclined to buy your coffee in the future.

3. Packaging design will promote your product 

Good packaging makes your coffee unique. It can attract the attention of customers and draw them to your product instead of your competitors.

Although we would like to believe that we do not judge people by their appearance, most of our judgments about a product are based on its design. Research shows that before people make a conscious decision, they make a decision subconsciously within seven seconds. It only takes a few minutes for consumers to decide whether they want to use your product, and packaging plays an important role in the choice.

In retail locations, the packaging of coffee is the first impression. When you are developing your brand, getting a positive first impression is crucial-although your packaging may not affect the quality of your coffee, most consumers are guided by aesthetics. If they are not specifically searching for your coffee, they are likely to choose the most visually attractive or interesting brand.

Good coffee packaging can ensure the safety of your products, enhance your brand, and attract new customers-this is one of the most powerful tools for promoting coffee to new customers.

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4. Tell your brand story through unique coffee packaging

In addition to aesthetic and functional appeal, creative packaging tells the story of your brand and your coffee. When consumers buy coffee, they often do not have an experienced coffee producer to guide them to understand the various flavors and roasting characteristics. On the contrary, the packaging of coffee must let customers know everything they need to know-not only the product, but also the value of the brand.

1) Where does the coffee come from

Consumers want to invest in products with stories. Make your product stand out by incorporating human elements into your packaging.

For example, you can write the origin of the coffee beans on the packaging, such as mixed floral aromas from Ethiopia or vanilla coffee from Colombia. If you work in a small, fair-trade coffee plantation, provide information about farmers and their mission. This makes your brand appear to be more than just a coffee producer-writing stories about people on your packaging conveys the message: Your company is interested in people and quality, not just profits.

As society develops towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction, consumers are also aware of the impact of products on the environment.

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2) How to enjoy coffee best

Help your customers understand the difference between each mix-add descriptive text to your packaging and describe in detail the various flavors hidden in each bag.

Your design must be creative. Instead of writing out the best way to make a cup of coffee, you can use clean graphics, such as tablespoons and water drops. Simple, minimal graphics can convey the necessary information without causing visual confusion on the packaging.

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Post time: Dec-20-2021