The Advantages Of Paper Handbag And Its Printing Advantages

Paper handbag printing is also gradually popular, people hope that their handbags are not only practical, but also beautiful, so it is necessary to use paper handbag printing process. So what are the advantages of paper handbag printing compared with other materials?

Paper handbag is now the most common, but also the most environmentally friendly kind of handbag, because the country advocates environmental protection and energy saving, and for the use of plastic bags to give restrictions, so paper handbag has become a new favorite packaging, then paper handbag printing is gradually popular, people hope that their handbag is not only practical, but also beautiful, So this needs to use the paper handbag printing process. So what are the advantages of paper handbag printing compared with other materials?

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Professionals point out that paper handbag printing has become the mainstream of the market, the most important reason is that it stained with the word “environmental protection”. As we all know, paper handbag is the inevitable product of green environmental protection. Moreover, there are many kinds of paper handbag printing, including heavy white cardboard paper, embossed paper, coated paper and matt coated paper, as well as strong kraft paper, kraft cardboard and offset paper.

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Compared with other handbag printing, the biggest advantage of paper handbag printing lies in the maturity of the printing process. It only needs to cover the surface of the paper with glossy film or matte film, which can make the handbag moisture-proof, durable and more delicate. And in the specific printing, the natural absorption of paper to ink is also easy to color and solid color, not like non-woven fabric as easy to fade. It should be noted that the front and back of the paper handbag printing design should be avoided at the crease, and the side of several crease lines should be crossed together. It is best not to have pictures and texts, otherwise, the crease has an impact on it.

1. Paper handbag are relatively environmentally friendly. Plastic bags are consumables in daily life. On the one hand, they provide convenience to customers, but also cause resource waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, paper handbag is more in line with low-carbon green life, paper is a recyclable resource, and itself has the characteristics of degradation.

2. Paper handbag is easy to form. With the development of today’s economy, people’s aesthetic level is also improving rapidly. Compared with plastic bags, paper bags are easier to shape. And in terms of appearance, it will be more textured.

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3. Paper handbag is more beautiful. The reason why paper packaging materials occupy a dominant position in the packaging industry is that the printing performance of paper materials is good. All kinds of brand logos and exquisite advertising patterns can be printed out, which plays a very important role in the promotion of products, while plastic bag can not achieve this requirement.

4. Paper tote bags can protect consumers’ privacy. When people buy personal items in the mall, it is very embarrassing to walk down the street with transparent plastic bags, while paper handbag can avoid this situation well and protect the privacy of individuals. This I believe we can all feel personally, so paper handbag is relatively more convenient.

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Paper tote bags can not only be used repeatedly, but also have better quality than plastic bags. In particular, some girls who are good at storage will put the things they don’t use at home into different paper bags for daily storage. 

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Post time: Dec-28-2022