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The Principle Of Corrugated Printing Plate In Packaging Box Printing Factory, How To Print The Printing Plate In Packaging Box Printing Factory?

It's no secret that adding unique images or unique text to your packaging and corrugated boxes can instantly catch the eye and leave a lasting impression. But the process of putting these designs on your box can be less clear. Using printed versions is a way to produce high-quality images at a reasonable unit cost. Here are the details from packaging box printers on how printing plates work and why they might be a good choice for your needs.

How do printing plates work?
Printmaking has been an art form for centuries. It works with most box types, shapes and sizes, including die-cut cardboard printing. The printing plates for corrugated boxes work in much the same way as a rubber stamp or an engraved block of wood produces an image on paper. Corrugated printing plates absorb ink when in contact with the substrate. The ink is then transferred to a new surface and a copy of the plate's raised image is created. This process is called flexographic printing.
You will need a separate plate for each image you want to add to the box, and a separate plate for each color. Because creating custom images can be a complex process involving multiple printing plates, many box printers only accept high-volume orders.

What are printing plates made of?
Corrugated boards are usually made of rubber or flexible plastic, and their surface contains a raised image that absorbs a thin layer of ink. Plates can also be made of metal. This is a more expensive option. Materials used for commercial printing plates may include: flexible metal sheets such as aluminum sheets, silicone, rubber, soft plastics, paper, fabrics.
What is a printing mold?
A packaging box printing factory printing die is a thin steel blade that can be used in the printing process to create patterns. The shapes formed by printing the mold can be as simple or complex as desired. They work like a cookie cutter. Die-cut printing tools can be used to add detail or definition to products created using printing plates.
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