What Are The Commonly Used Materials For Card Boxes?

Cosmetics are a very popular daily chemical product at the moment, and it can be used by both women and men. The biggest feature of cosmetic packaging box customization is high-end and good-looking, whether it is a simple card box or a complex gift box. Let me tell you in detail what craft materials will be used in the card box in the cosmetic packaging box, so as to provide reference for friends in need.


Most of the cosmetics packaging boxes on the market are customized in card boxes. Because card boxes are relatively simple, cheap and convenient to make goods, they are very popular among the public. However, due to the low hardness and thin thickness of cardboard, packaging manufacturers can only improve the grade of the box in terms of material selection. At present, the most high-grade cardboard in the industry is gold cardboard and silver cardboard, so most of the cosmetic boxes are made of gold and silver cardboard. In order to better protect the cosmetics, the inner support of the pit paper will be added, just to stick the product inside. Customizing the color on the gold and silver card will make the original file glittering, which can improve the quality of the box. And gold and silver cardboard is different from other special papers in that it can be glued, so it also has anti-corrosion and certain waterproof.


If you look closely, you will find that the cosmetics packaging boxes on the market are all made of gold and silver cards, and the inner tray is made of pit paper trays. Of course, there are many single-powder cards with low requirements, but there are fewer special paper.

Post time: Sep-22-2022