What Is A Folding Box? Introduction Of Folding Box

1. There are many types of packaging boxes: heaven and earth cover packaging boxes, drawer packaging boxes, book packaging boxes, folding packaging boxes, etc. Among them, folding packaging boxes are a new type of packaging boxes, which have the advantages of convenient folding, no It occupies the advantages of warehousing, convenient transportation, high reuse rate, functional innovation, simplicity and fashion. It is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.
magnetic box

2. The folding packaging box adopts reinforcement production methods in the production method, which is more conducive to fixing and protecting the goods.

black cardboard box

3. There are many printing methods that can be adapted to the surface of the folding box, such as commonly used gravure printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, etc., which bring great convenience to printing. Of course, the folding box can also be photo-engraved or decorated with words and patterns, which is conducive to the beautiful appearance of the folding box and can help promote the product.

Post time: Sep-02-2022