Why Choose Soy Ink As Packaging Box Printing Material?

When customizing product packaging boxes, many customizers are very concerned about the environmental protection of packaging boxes. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more brands hope that their product packaging will not affect the environment. For product packaging, in addition to choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials, it is also necessary to use environmentally friendly inks, such as the ink we use: soy ink. So what is soy-based ink and why should we choose it?

In the past, petroleum was an important material for the production of traditional inks. In the late 1970s, the shortage of petroleum caused its price to skyrocket. Later, people realized that packaging needs more reliable printing materials. After trying more than 2,000 kinds of vegetable oils, they finally chose the most suitable soy ink with stable printing effect to replace the traditional ink.

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Compared with traditional inks, soy inks can reduce the production of volatile chemical substances, and also solve the environmental and safety issues of the printing industry. There are also specific regulations on the content of soy oil in inks: the content of soy oil in heat-set offset printing wheel conversion inks shall not be less than 10%, offset printing sheet-fed inks shall not be less than 20%, and foaming inks shall not be less than 40%. %, offset press ink must be above 55%.

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Compared with traditional inks, the advantages of soy inks are also very obvious:

Vibrant color and high saturation – Compared with traditional inks, images printed with soy inks will be clearer and brighter. In addition, soy oil has high transparency and bright colors, which can easily realize a wide range of color packaging printing.

Environmentally Friendly – Soy based inks have a low VOC content of 0.8% compared to 4.6% for petroleum based inks. This also validates that soy-based inks have less of an impact on Earth’s air compared to other inks. In addition, soys have a short growth cycle and are naturally biodegradable, causing little to no burden on the environment.

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Ease of Recycling – As with any packaging box or paper, there is a deinking step in the recycling process. According to research, soy inks are easier to deink than ordinary inks. And the fiber damage to the paper is minimal, and the residue of waste soy ink is very easy to degrade.

The use of soy ink in packaging boxes is becoming more and more widely, which is also due to the good stability of soy ink and its friendliness to the earth environment. At the same time, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the development of soy ink in the domestic market will only get better and better.

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Post time: Jan-03-2023